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5 Ways Cattle Stations Benefit From Solar Pumps

How have large cattle station managers benefited from using LORENTZ Solar Pumps for their stock water operation this year?

Having a reliable supply of fresh water doesn’t just help managers better withstand dry conditions – it sets them up for better water management year-round.

When it comes to making sure you have enough water for your cattle, LORENTZ is your right-hand man. With the PS2-1800 offering a typical daily flow of 25,000 to 40,000 litres and the PS2-4000 offering from 40,000 to 75,000 litres, station managers can rest assured their cattle’s water needs are being met.

Why LORENTZ? Dedicated exclusively to solar pumps, LORENTZ has been leading the way in engineering and manufacturing for over 20 years, putting forward the most innovative, efficient and robust solar pumps to the market. LORENTZ supplies through its dealer network, which means there are on-the-ground experts in their region available to service station managers.

So, what have LORENTZ Solar Pumps offered large cattle station managers this year?

Cattle Stations Benefitted from Lorentz Solar Pumps

Cost Savings
Converting from a diesel power pump enables cattle producers to generate their own energy, removing the cost of diesel and reducing maintenance costs. Diesel pumps need to be regularly filled with diesel, have their oil topped up and be serviced; a solar pump on the other hand requires little maintenance, meaning a better bottom line.

Saved Time
Having to maintain a diesel pump isn’t just costly, it also requires human labour and time. With a solar pump doing the work for them, cattle producers have more time to dedicate to more important parts of their operation.

Saved Emissions
The livestock industry as a whole has come under scrutiny for cattle emissions. Using solar instead of diesel to pump water means zero emissions, increasing green credentials and showing the public that the industry is committed to combating climate change.

Effective Water Management
Drought is an inevitable part of Australia’s weather pattern and so it makes sense to make good use of it. Dams are susceptible to water loss through evaporation. By pumping water from a tank instead of a dam, you could reduce the evaporation rate, which is sure to prove worthwhile on a not-so-rainy day.

Peace of mind
LORENTZ is sold through its dealer network throughout Australia, which means on the rare occasion that something goes wrong, cattle producers have local support available and the certainty that going into summer that there will be a reliable supply of water for stock. If something goes wrong, we’ll roll up our sleeves, drive to the station and sort the problem out.

LORENTZ solar water pumps will save you time, money, water and emissions, and leave you with peace of mind. Contact us today to organise a free quote.