Mining & Industrial

Energy independence & reduced operating costs for your industrial & mining operations

Innovate & reliable solutions for your industrial power needs

Designed to thrive in all environments, LORENTZ solar & hybrid pumps are a high-efficiency, low-cost solution for industrial power requirements.

Energy independence

Power your pumping operation in the most remote locations without relying on unstable or inaccessible power grids. Whether for dewatering or utility water management, LORENTZ pumps allow you to avoid costly downtime. Seamless power blending allows you to avoid energy tariffs and keep costs down while still meeting production targets.

Reduced consumption & emissions

LORENTZ solar & hybrid pumps reduce your fuel consumption, keeping your costs down. Solar-powered technology decreases carbon footprint, providing a sustainable solution to your energy needs.

Rugged & reliable

In developing countries, unstable power grids can hamper industrial development. LORENTZ pumps are an ideal solution. LORENTZ products are designed to perform in all environments, with durable design & superior components reducing maintenance requirements & keeping service costs down.

The advantages of LORENTZ solar & hybrid pumps

  • Designed to perform in harsh, off-grid locations
  • Reduced fuel consumption & emissions
  • Energy independence - keep operating if the power grid goes down
  • Reduced peak power loads avoid tariffs & minimise costs
  • Superb reliability reduces maintenance & service requirements
  • Superior scalability & adaptability

To assess what solar pumps will work best for your requirements, speak to an expert water pump specialist today.