PSk Hybrid Pump

Innovative technology delivering reliable and cost-effective performance for large-scale or hybrid-power pumping.

LORENTZ pumps are meticulously designed to provide optimal efficiency and reliability, ensuring seamless performance in various applications. Whether for agricultural, industrial, or commercial use, our pumping systems deliver unparalleled results.

When hybrid makes more sense

For applications requiring performance around the clock, such as high water demand, mission-critical applications or low-yielding bores, a hybrid solar system is ideal. Solar power delivers constant low-cost energy, with an alternative power source such as mains or generator providing additional capacity when greater output is required. The PSk series is suited to a wide range of pumping applications from 4Kw to 75Kw.

For example: A fruit tree irrigation system requires consistent pumping throughout the year, with 30% extra output required in the two months before harvest. A hybrid solar and diesel generator powered pump system provides this at much lower cost than operating a fuelled system that would be oversized for most of the year.

Key benefits of hybrid solar technology

  • Efficiency- the PSk delivers up to 1,460% more efficiency than leading competitors
  • Constant performance- the PSk system starts earlier, pumps more, & stops later
  • A complete solution- switching cabinets and programmable controllers available
  • Integrated SunSensor makes intelligent decisions based on available power
  • Superior scalability & adaptability

Blended power automation

The LORENTZ PSk3 series comes with integrated power blending as standard. This means it does not switch between power sources, instead seamlessly blending power sources when a second source is required. Other hybrid systems switch between sources, increasing risk of failure and uneven performance. The PSk3 series’s power blending automation saves 60-70% compared to dual systems.

Why LORENTZ solar pumps?

LORENTZ' innovative German-engineered pumps are high-performance, durable, and efficient. Their smart modular designs mean minimal maintenance requirements, and our quality guarantee gives you peace of mind.


LORENTZ systems integrate fluidly with the LORENTZ Pumpscanner & LORENTZ Assistant apps, available on the Google Play store. These apps allow you to remotely monitor & control your LORENTZ pumps, view real-time & historical data, & access advanced settings including timers, speed control, & pressure levels.

To assess what solar pumps will work best for your requirements, speak to an expert water pump specialist today.