Landfill & Leachate

Purpose-built pumps to manage landfill leachate and condensate. A better way to extract landfill liquids in sideslope risers, vertical wells and sump applications.

Designed to provide the lowest operational costs with advanced connectivity.

An innovative and proven effective approach to pumping challenges.

Meeting requirements on a budget

The main problem of managing leachate is meeting compliance requirements & environmental management obligations while keeping operational costs low. The solution? LORENTZ’ ultra-efficient, solar-powered pumps. Engineered to cope with harsh conditions, LORENTZ pumps eliminate fuel costs and require significantly less maintenance & service visits, keeping costs down.

Twenty years of refinement

LORENTZ pumps are the result of over two decades of continuous improvement & innovation. As a fully-integrated company, LORENTZ' mechanical, material, electronic, & software engineers work hand in hand to tailor solutions to the specific challenges leachate pumping presents. The result? A superb reputation for high-performing pumps that keep going where others have failed.

Why clients love LORENTZ pumps for landfill & leachate

  • High-efficiency DC brushless motors
  • Detailed data saves time and reduces costs
  • Inbuilt IO, automation, data logging, & remote management
  • Analog & digital sensors for monitoring & automated system control
  • None of the reliability issues with silt, varying leachate consistency & temperature changes affecting other models

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