Surface Pumps

Efficient & effective solar-powered water pump technology

How do surface pumps work?

A pump motor powers impellers to spin, sucking water into the pump. From there, the water is pushed through the body of the pump & into a storage or distribution system. LORENTZ surface pumps are powered by solar technology, for a high-performing zero-energy-cost pumping solution ideal for shallow water sources such as ponds, smaller tanks, rivers, or springs.

A complete solar solution

Designed as an off-grid solar water pumping system, the LORENTZ PS2 and PSk ranges have all of the inputs & outputs needed in an integrated self-managing surface pumping system. As solar power can be inconsistent, the PS2 or PSk constantly change pump parameters to optimise available water. The PS2 and PSk range have a large range of pumps to closely match each application and optimise efficiency, delivering 30% to over 1,000% more water than competitors’ products depending on weather conditions.

Benefits of LORENTZ surface pumps

  • Long life expectancy
  • Proven service record
  • Designed for remote, harsh conditions
  • Smart modular design for simple and cost-effective servicing and repair
  • Water-filled motors for reliability and to avoid oil contamination
  • Fast and simple installation
  • Cost-effective spare parts philosophy
  • Strong ROI compared to diesel-powered pumping
  • Large range of pumps to closely match each application and optimise efficiency

To assess what solar pumps will work best for your requirements, speak to an expert water pump specialist today.