Pump Accessories

Complete and customise your LORENTZ system with high-quality pump accessories


Sensors connect to LORENTZ pump controllers allowing measurement of pressures, water levels, irradiation levels and multiple other variables. The controller records & can be programmed to act according to information from the sensors.

Power connection equipment

LORENTZ offer a range of DC disconnects, combiners, & lightning protection equipment to ensure DC connections from your solar array are safe and code-compliant.

Vermin control

Keep your solar pump, cables and accessories protected
from animals and birds with our custom-designed vermin control.

SmartSolution components

The SmartSolution component range turns the PSk2 system into a hybrid blended-power pumping system. The SmartPSUk2 takes a DC and AC feed, monitors solar power available (DC) and then will blend in AC to meet your requirements, all managed automatically by your water demands. 

The SmartStart device combines with the SmartPSU to provide generator start/stop control and to power PSk2 systems during the night.

External switches

Switches for pressure, water level, float switches for tanks, & sun switches to allow external devices to switch on or off depending on operating conditions changing.

Powerpacks for PS2 solar pump

LORENTZ' range of PowerPacks provides AC to DC conversion, allowing our PS2 range of solar pumps to be powered from the grid, a battery or a generator. This can add flexibility in emergency situations or be used to provide 24-hour pumping solutions.

To assess what solar pumps will work best for your requirements, speak to an expert water pump specialist today.