Solutions for every pumping requirement.

Self-Install Pumps

The latest in portable, self-install solar water pump technology. Efficient, economical, easy to install and maintain.

Hybrid Power Pumps

Reduce operational expenses without compromising performance and reliability with our innovative hybrid-powered pumps, combining solar power with mains power, generator or battery power supply.

PS2 Solar Pumps

High-efficiency professional DC solar pumps provide best-in-class performance, even in low light conditions.

Pump Accessories

Probes, sensors, remote monitoring, remote management, vermin control, power connection equipment and smart solution equipment to complement your solar powered pump.

Solar Modules

Solar modules are the primary power source for your water pumping system.

Solar Ground Mounts

Durable, easy to install & modify mounts for your solar modules.

To assess what solar pumps will work best for your requirements, speak to an expert water pump specialist today.