Remote monitoring & control for your LORENTZ system

Built-in data monitoring

All LORENTZ systems constantly record operational data & store it for real-time or historical analysis. All LORENTZ components, such as pump controllers, and communication devices have a Bluetooth™ module which allows for wireless connection using open standard, low-cost Android™ phones or tablets.

You can easily configure your LORENTZ system with just a couple of clicks or swipes on a smart device via LORENTZ CONNECTED.

Remote access to all LORENTZ CONNECTED data and pump controls is easily provided using the PS Commander range of satellite and cellular modules.

LORENTZ CONNECTED features make configuration simple, reduce site visit costs, and ensure you are informed of exactly what your mission critical solar water pumping system is doing, while providing the ability to remotely control your water pump.

Satellite and 4G connectivity

All LORENTZ systems can be linked for remote management via 4G cellular networks or, where a cellular connection is not available, via satellite connection. 

LORENTZ’ satellite monitoring system provides unparalleled coverage Australia-wide, allowing you to monitor & manage your water supply from anywhere in the world.

Remote monitoring & management

The LORENTZ Global management Service is a cloud-delivered monthly subscription service that provides seamless remote monitoring & management. LORENTZ Global allows you to see exactly what your system is doing & change settings, as well as receive alerts, regardless of your location. 

Real-time monitoring of your system & full remote control allows you to optimise your system’s performance without having to travel, saving you time & costs. Proactive alerts sent when your system encounters unexpected events or problems allow you to achieve the fastest resolution possible, reducing risk & losses.

LORENTZ CONNECTED infrastructure has multiple digital and analogue inputs and outputs allowing you to connect various other sensors or devices maximising your ROI and remote management capabilities.


LORENTZ systems integrate fluidly with the LORENTZ Pumpscanner & LORENTZ Assistant apps, available on the Google Play store. These apps allow you to remotely monitor & control your LORENTZ pumps, view real-time & historical data, & access advanced settings including timers, speed control, & pressure levels.