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4 Ways LORENTZ Helps Fruit and Vegetable Growers Become More Sustainable

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How can Australian fruit and vegetable growers achieve greater sustainability by using LORENTZ solar pumps for irrigation, while increasing their yield and maintaining a competitive advantage in the market?

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important for business and land management. Farmers are having to adopt production methods that are viable in the long term, that protect the earth and its natural resources and ensure a bright future for the next generation.

At the same time, increasing yields and achieving a competitive advantage in the market is the number one priority for growers, so when it comes to water pumping, the equipment needs durability, reliability and high capacity to hit these targets.

Environmental sustainability and economic sustainability go hand in hand when using Solar Water Pumps – that’s why they prove so popular for fruit and vegetable growers – they save energy, money, labour, and water.

So, how exactly does a Solar Pump make your irrigation system more sustainable?

Lorentz solar pumps for irrigation

1. Saved Energy

With the volume of water that fruit and vegetable crops require, it becomes very energy-intensive. Using Solar Pumps allow growers to generate their own power and say goodbye to diesel-generated emissions. With no more finite fossil fuels, growers can enjoy a cleaner, more sustainable future.

2. Saved Money

With the quantity of water needed for irrigation, if growers aren’t generating their own power, the cost can stack up quickly. Diesel pumps or grid power supplies can be one of the biggest inputs. By converting to Solar Pumps, growers can redistribute the money saved into other areas of the business. A Solar Pump promotes a resilient and sustainable business.

3. Effective Water Management

Fruit and vegetable growers can’t afford to be losing water. With a Solar Pump, growers can eliminate unnecessary water loss, and have more to put toward their crops.

4. Saved Labour

As the saying goes, time is money – and maintaining a diesel pump requires a solid amount of labour. With a reliable Solar Pump built for the job, you don’t have to fill the petrol fuel tank, check the oil or service it regularly. With these tasks redundant, growers can reallocate labour into other areas of their business. LORENTZ Solar Pumps also have remote management capability, meaning the system can be not only monitored but settings adjusted remotely when needed.
LORENTZ Australia is committed to harnessing free and renewable solar energy to make sure that farmers’ water needs are met.

Investing in a Solar Pump ensures environmental and economic sustainability, and leaves fruit and vegetable growers with the assurance of increasing yields and maintaining a competitive advantage.

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