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How Much Does a Solar Pump Cost?

How much does a Solar Pump cost?

Solar Pumps are an effective, quality choice for pumping water for the Australian agriculture industry. Without reliance on electricity or fuel, they can be used to provide irrigation for stock water, crops, fruit and vegetable production, and for domestic or commercial applications.

So what exactly dictates the cost of a Solar Pump?

The cost of the solar pump will depend on the size of your system and how many hours per day you need it to run. It also depends on the model you choose. Better quality models are more expensive but also more durable, which means you’re less likely to come up against maintenance and replacement costs in the future.

Another key factor that impacts cost is local support. The internet is great for many things, but when you’re investing thousands of dollars in a product that will deliver critical water to your livestock or crops, LORENTZ believes that local on-the-ground support for your pumping investment is critical.

LORENTZ pumps are sold exclusively via a network of over 150 local dealers around Australia and New Zealand.

This means your solar pump will be designed by a local expert who understands your water requirements and will spend time to visit you on site to design your system. These dealers can provide on-the-ground after-sales service and support which will not come with an online purchase.

How does the cost compare to diesel and mechanical pumping solutions?

When it comes to solar pumps, you’re making an investment. A solar pump will be more expensive upfront than a diesel or grid connected system because you are paying for infrastructure such as panels, frames, controllers, and so on.

Much like when people install solar panels on their rooftop, this is an investment.

Once they’re up and running, they’ll chug away for years without a hassle, with little in the way of maintenance, repairs and energy.

Diesel pumps, by comparison, are cheaper to install, but are expensive to operate. They need fuel and regular maintenance which takes time as well as the cost of replacement components.

After selling solar pumps in Australia for 20 years, our experience is that on average a solar pump will pay for itself in cash in two years – not to mention the savings in time for monitoring and maintenance. This is a 50% annual return on your investment.

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