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Replacing old Windmills with LORENTZ Solar Pumps

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Five old Windmill pump systems were replaced by LORENTZ PS2-1800 systems. The LORENTZ system combined with a good bore meant water tanks were filled up in a day. Whereas the old Windmill systems were taking up to a month.

Justin Stoddart, an accredited LORENTZ dealer from Dunedoo, New South Wales installed the PS2-1800 LORENTZ Solar pump systems across five locations for his Customer.  In this case study, he talks about why this solution ultimately saved the Customer time and money.


The Problem

In the early 1900s, windmills gained significant popularity in Australia as they provided an efficient way to pump water for sustaining livestock and crops.

However, with the passage of time, the majority of windmill pumps used across the country have become outdated, resulting in high maintenance costs and posing safety risks during regular inspections, especially when climbing up to the top.

Adding to the challenges, the occurrence of droughts and extreme weather has been increasing, leading to reduced wind availability in many regions of Australia.

As a result, these factors combined have impacted the effectiveness of traditional windmill pumps, making it difficult to rely on wind energy for water supply in large parts of the country.


“Erin Lawless from Heritage-listed Booubyjan Homestead, south west of Maryborough, said the drought has meant not just a shortage of water, but also a shortage of wind.”
[Source: ABC News]


Justin Stoddart, representing Leigh Stoddart & Co Dealers, was approached and quickly developed a clear understanding of the issue. Furthermore, the customer had concerns about the adequacy of water supply from the bores, which could pose an added problem given that cattle movements in the hundreds were not uncommon. This created the need for water tanks to be full as much as possible.

As a result, the customer inquired about whether the bores needed to be tested to ascertain their water capacity. However, conducting individual tests for each bore would have incurred substantial costs, amounting to approximately $2,000 per test. With five sites requiring assessment, the total expense could have exceeded $10,000.

Fortunately, Justin proposed a more cost-effective solution to the customer that would not only save them money on testing but also ensure a reliable and sufficient water supply for their needs.

The Customer had previously owned cheaper solar pumps which were unreliable and could not pump the required output he needed so he was prepared to pay a little more for quality. 

Justin identified the benefits of the LORENTZ PS2 solar pump combined with their unique Water Level Measurement Solution (WLMS).

The PS2 pumps would easily meet the water requirements they needed and could be controlled based on the water levels of the bore with a manual speed control.

If the water levels were low, the Customer could slow down the pumping accordingly, with complete control. When the bore levels were up, they could increase the water pumping capacity by increasing the speed of the pump.

Installing this system would mean that the Customer could get insight into the quality of their bores without having to spend the $10,000 on initial bore testing, while having total control of how much water was being pumped.


“I don’t know of any other system in the market that has a water level management system like LORENTZ. In this case it’s helped the Customer identify which bores were good and which need attention. At the same time, we could control how much water was being pumped based on requirements and the levels of the bore.” Comments Justin from Leigh & Stoddart Dealers


With LORENTZ’s Water Level Measurement Solution, Justin and his Customer were quickly able to identify that two bores were very good, one was ok and two were not up to standard. For the bores that were not adequate, it took the solar pump a few days to fill the water tank, while the good bores combined with the LORENTZ PS2-1800 system meant that large water tanks were filled within a day.


“A good windmill with a good bore could mean one of their large water tanks could get filled up in a few days. However an old windmill with an average bore meant that it was taking up to a month to fill, which in this case, was much too long.” Says Justin


Compare that with the LORENTZ PS2 system which could fill up the water tank as quickly as a day, meant that the solution was exactly what the Customer needed to meet their water requirements while saving time and money.


The Outcome

LORENTZ PS2 was exactly the solar pump the Customer needed for their water requirements. When combined with the Water Level Measurement Solution and manual speed controls, this was the icing on the cake which meant he would save time and money while also meeting his daily water requirements with total control of his water.

Furthermore, it gave him the insight he needed to make a decision on what to do with the existing bores, to ensure the water source had enough water to meet his requirements.

The result, was a very happy Customer and confidence that the traveling livestock would get the water they need, when they needed it.