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“LORENTZ “S” pumping kits effectively serving large scale operation

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Multiple LORENTZ “S” Pumping kits meeting the water requirements for an expansive station operation in North-East Queensland

Ken Schuster, an accredited LORENTZ dealer from Gin Gin, Queensland, recently helped a large cattle station owner find a solution that would be both cost-effective and low maintenance for pumping water to cattle across multiple locations on their numerous properties in Northeast Queensland.


The Problem

Ken Schuster who manages Cool 2 Go P/L, was recently approached by a customer who owns and operates numerous cattle properties across Queensland. They were previously pumping water from bore holes using cheaper solar pumps. As they were lower in quality, they barely lasted 1 to 2 years before requiring serious repairs and replacement.

This more frequent repair and maintenance was taking up a lot of their time and money and prompted them to look for a more durable, long-lasting solar pump.



The Solution

Considering the size of their operation and the fact that there were 15 remote locations of their cattle spanning across 100,000 hectares, Cool2Go advised the installation of multiple LORENTZ “S” pumping kits as the most cost-effective solution for their water requirements.

Cool2Go also recommended LORENTZ due to their reputation as the most durable solar pumps on the market:


“For long-lasting solar pumps you simply can’t beat LORENTZ. We’ve had LORENTZ pumping water in some customers operations non-stop for over 8 years without a single repair required.” commented Ken Schuster at Cool2Go. “You just don’t get that kind of performance from other pumps.”


The Outcome

The customer also had another larger LORENTZ PS2 pump system which they never had any issues with in over 2 years of operation, so it was a “no-brainer” for them to continue with LORENTZ. They purchased 20x LORENTZ “S” pumping kits and kept 5 of these on the shelf as backup. Given the price of the LORENTZ “S” pumping kit and pumping efficiency to 40 metres in depth, it just made sense.

They had absolutely no problem installing the kits themselves despite Cool2Go offering them installation assistance. 15 pumps are now fully operational and the customer couldn’t be happier with the cost effectiveness of this solution combined with the comfort that these pumps will last a long, long time.