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Pivot Irrigation Optimising Water Management

Exploring the Benefits of Pivot Irrigation

In agriculture, optimising water efficiency is essential for minimising water expenses and maximising crop yields. Due to its innovative technology, pivot irrigation is recognised as an exceptionally effective method of water management and plays a pivotal role in today’s agriculture. 
Harnessing pivot irrigation can provide a multitude of benefits, such as improved crop productivity, making this system an attractive practice for crop farmers. At LORENTZ, we have worked alongside many agriculturalists to provide both affordable and effective methods of irrigation. 
To help you understand pivot irrigation, we outline below what pivot irrigation entails, and delve into the leading benefits that make this modern system coherently sustainable and effective.

What is Pivot Irrigation?

Pivot irrigation is a contemporary form of crop irrigation which uses rotating equipment to evenly and efficiently distribute water across a paddock. Within this system, an arm is connected to a central pivot point which is rotated in a circular motion, dispersing water through sprinklers. 
This system is often controlled by valves which pressurise the water and ensure precise application. The rotating pivots are also controlled, using software or control panels. This allows crop farmers to accurately adjust the watering pattern, modify the flow rate of water, and determine the duration of irrigation.

Solar Hybrid Pumps for Irrigation

Large Scale Commercial Operations

For larger commercial operations, pivot irrigation can be powered through the day and night using a combination of the sun’s energy and diesel fuel using a LORENTZ Solar Hybrid Pump, to seamlessly power a pivot irrigation system. By combining the power of fuel and converting the sunlight into electricity, a solar hybrid pump can effectively send water through a pivot irrigation system and support the sprinkler function of this irrigation method. 

Solar hybrid pumps for pivot irrigation are both more environmentally friendly than most traditional methods and significantly more cost-effective, as they partially eliminates dependency on grid electricity and pollutant fuels.

Benefits of Pivot Irrigation

If you are interested in exploring whether a hybrid pump can service your irrigation requirements, you can speak to one of the many LORENTZ accredited dealers across the country.

8 Benefits of Pivot Irrigation

Pivot Irrigation Water Management

Through advanced technology, pivot irrigation offers agriculturalists a controlled and effective crop watering solution. This innovative method has revolutionised how farmers maximise crop yield and optimise water control. Explore the following major benefits presented by pivot irrigation, to understand what this unique system has to offer:

Enhanced Crop Yield
Pivot irrigation systems provide a continuous and controlled supply of water, ensuring crops and plants are sufficiently hydrated and receive optimal nutrients. This encourages growth, increasing crop yield. 

It also promotes healthy and high-quality harvests which, in turn, increases the value of crops and plants, presenting higher profits.

Increased Efficiency
Pivot irrigation enables agriculturalists to accurately control the amount of water being dispersed among crops. This prevents water run-off from occurring, ensuring plants receive a sufficient volume of water. 

Pivot irrigation additionally uses energy-efficient pumps and motors which can operate at a reduced pressure, ensuring energy is conserved and operational costs are minimised.

Accurate Water Application
Pivot irrigation employs rotating sprinkler technology which sufficiently hydrates plants and crops in a uniform manner. This ensures precise and even distribution of water, preventing both over or under watering. This leads to healthier plants and crops, facilitating higher quality crops and improved crop yield.

Minimal Labour Costs
A pivot irrigation system can function automatically, reducing the need for manual farming. Agriculturalists can program their irrigation systems to disperse water at specific times and durations, eliminating the need for manual watering. 

This provides farmers with more time to focus on other farming tasks, while simultaneously saving money on labour and increasing operational efficiency.

Minimised Soil Erosion
Because pivot irrigation applies water accurately and gently, soil erosion is effectively minimised. This is because pivot irrigation systems can control the dispersion of water, which minimises water run-off and preserves the nutrients within the soil. This is integral to maintaining the fertility of farming terrain, ensuring its suitability for future crop growth.

Suppressed Weed Growth
Weeds can negatively affect the livelihood of crops as they often absorb the necessary nutrients, water, and sunlight needed to help plants flourish. Because of its concentrated and controlled water application, pivot irrigation can suppress weed growth by reducing the availability of water to weed-prone areas. 

This can reduce the need for chemical components, such as herbicides, that are designed to kill weeds, saving agriculturalists money and promoting more eco-friendly farming.

Scalable & Automated Irrigation
From small-scale farming to industrial agricultural operations, agriculturalists can easily scale their pivot irrigation systems to accommodate the requirements of many different sized paddocks.

Reduced Water Waste
Pivot irrigation is designed to optimise water usage and minimise waste through accurate and controlled irrigation. 

Additionally, pivot irrigation systems can be further optimised with innovative technology, such as soil moisture sensors, automatic timers, and weather monitors.These accessories can further conserve water and facilitate sustainable crop farming.

Final Thought…
Due to its wide range of benefits, pivot irrigation possesses a significant appeal to Australian agriculturalists. Not only does this modern irrigation method provide efficient water delivery to plants and crops, it also offsets additional expenses, such as manual labour costs and weed control products. 

The flexibility of pivot irrigation further makes this method a preferred solution for Australian farmers as it enables scheduling and accurate remote control. This is particularly ideal for busy agriculturalists and during certain climatic occurrences, such as droughts or heavy rainfall.

Furthermore, the operational costs of pivot irrigation systems can be reduced by integrating cleaner and renewable powering methods, such as solar hybrid pumps. This encourages more environmentally friendly farming, making solar hybrid pivot irrigation both cheaper and notably more sustainable. 

If you’re an agriculturalist interested in switching to pivot irrigation or seeking solar hybrid water pumps for your irrigation system, discover your nearest LORENTZ dealer and find out how you can optimise your farming with this innovative solution.