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Measuring and Managing Water Levels

Liquid Level Sensor and Water Level Measurement Solution

To effectively manage water supply you need to be able to measure it. Measuring levels in wells, elevated tanks or remote locations is time-consuming and has risks. Risks include physical access to high tanks and contamination of water with measurement instruments.

By using the sensor inputs and embedded software in LORENTZ pump controllers, combined with one of our measurement solutions, continuous and precise monitoring of water levels is achieved. Information from the sensors is used to control the pump, for example, switch the pump on, off or maintain a specific level. All level data is recorded inside the pump controller for trend and usage analysis by LORENTZ CONNECTED apps. 

Measuring and Managing Water Levels with LORENTZ Solar Pumps

Why is water measurement important?

Knowing exactly how much water is available has three benefits:
  • Immediate control of the pump, switching it off if there is no water or a tank is full, switching on when a defined level is reached or using real time measurement to maintain a level.
  • Understanding the behaviour of a water source such as a well. With real-time measurement the impact that pumping has can been seen, Draw-down levels and recovery times indicate the performance of the water source.
  • Long term monitoring of source and storage levels provide trends on usage and allows for future planning and risk assessment.

LORENTZ water measurement solutions

LORENTZ offers the best in liquid level sensing and water level measurement solutions. Our solutions are designed to meet a variety of needs and provide you with the information you need to make the most of your water resources.

Our water level measurement solution (WLMS) is a combination of a pressure sensor and a plug-in barometer that accurately measures water levels in tanks and wells. This solution provides pump run dry protection and allows you to record and monitor water levels in your tank and control your system based on these levels.

LORENTZ liquid level sensor
  • Our Liquid Level Sensor (LLS) is a gauge pressure sensor that is optimised for level measurement. This fully sealed, small sized and robust sensor is ideal for level measurements in difficult conditions. This sensor measures the pressure relative to the atmosphere and provides a solution for measuring levels in real time and for logging levels over time.
  • Both our solutions are CONNECTED, meaning they are easy to configure, provide rich information to technicians and customers, and can be managed remotely.
  • With LORENTZ CONNECTED apps and LORENTZ Global remote monitoring service, you can configure the system with just a couple of clicks and swipes on a smart device, upload data directly to Global, and manage your pumps and check your water levels from anywhere. This means reduce site visit costs and you are informed of exactly what your life critical solar water pumping system is doing.

How our water measurement works:

In the example on the page above, one sensor is located in a well, above the pump (C) and another is located in an elevated tank (E). In both cases the level of water above the sensor is measured.

For example , in the well (C) the level from the bottom of the sensor to the top of the water is measured (B).

For example in the tank (E) the level from the bottom of the sensor to the top of the water in the tank is measured (D).
Using this example the LORENTZ pump controller could be configured to switch off the pump if the value of B reached the predefined shut-off level to ensure the pump did not run dry.

The pump could then be switched on when the water level B reached a safe level. The tank level could also be used to control the pump, switching off the pump when the tank was full and switching the pump back on when the water level drops. The configuration of the sensors also allows for offsets to be included where sensors are not installed at the level of a pump or in the bottom of a tank. Configuration is also possible for liquids with different densities.

Water Level Measurement Solution

The LORENTZ Water Level Measurement Solution (WLMS)

It is designed to accurately measure water levels in boreholes and tanks. Combining a pressure sensor with a plug-in barometer, WLMS provides water level measurement for PS2 and PSk3 systems. This sealed system can be used in conjunction with inbuilt software to monitor and record water levels, as well as control the system based on these readings. The WLMS is a great alternative to a well probe, as it is not affected by calcium scaling, snails, algae or other contaminants that can interfere with mechanical float switches. This solution offers dry run protection for the pump, and also allows users to predict and plan for low water levels.

The features of WLMS include:

  • Accurately monitoring and controlling water levels with easy-to-use configuration.
  • Viewing data locally with the LORENTZ CONNECTED apps (PumpScanner or Assistant) or remotely with LORENTZ Global Connect.
  • Optimising water usage and maintaining optimal water levels with the LORENTZ Water Level Measurement Solution.

Liquid Level Sensors

The Liquid Level Sensor (LLS) from LORENTZ is an ideal choice for accurately measuring levels of liquid in difficult conditions. Designed for use with LORENTZ pump controllers, the fully sealed and robust sensor allows for the efficient and reliable control of pumps, including run dry protection and real-time and historic level data. Using a capillary air pipe incorporated into the cable, the LLS measures pressure relative to the atmosphere, ensuring accurate readings unaffected by weather or location. The LLS is also incredibly easy to configure and provides great customer value. The sensor data can be viewed locally via LORENTZ CONNECTED apps (PumpScanner or Assistant) or remotely via LORENTZ global. This makes the LLS an invaluable tool for accurately measuring liquid levels in difficult conditions.


  • Gauge pressure sensor for measuring levels of liquid in a well, tank or other source.
  • Provides pump dry run protection and control of pump based on sensor data.
  • Viewing data locally with the LORENTZ CONNECTED apps (PumpScanner or Assistant) or remotely with LORENTZ Global Connect.
  • Simple configuration with great customer value.

Watch our webinar below which provides a complete guide to water measurement and montioring using sensors:

Water measurement is essential for ensuring the efficient and accurate measurement of water levels in wells, tanks or other remote locations. Traditional methods of measurement can be time consuming and carry risks such as contamination and physical access. By using a combination of sensor inputs and embedded software in LORENTZ pump controllers, as well as our Water Level Measurement Solution (WLMS) and Liquid Level Sensor (LLS), users can monitor and record levels in real-time, with the added benefits of pump protection and control. With the LORENTZ CONNECTED apps and LORENTZ Global remote monitoring service, users can configure the system with ease and monitor their pumps and water levels from anywhere. If you’re looking for an efficient and reliable way to measure your water levels, contact us today to learn more about our measurement solutions!