S1-200 Remote tank switch (QWS)
S1-200 Remote tank switch (QWS)

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S1-200 Remote tank switch (QWS)

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The Remote Tank Switch (RTS) accessory provides an efficient way to switch off the S1-200 pump when the remote tank is full.

The RTS is installed on the discharge pipe (or hose) close to the pump controller.

A float valve (not included) is installed in the tank situated at the end of the discharge line.

The RTS monitors water flow in the hose (or pipeline) and based on this, signals to the pump controller to run the pump or not.

The pump controller performs periodic startups every 15 minutes to monitor water flow.

▪ Simple plug-in installation.
▪ Automatic water flow sensor using magnetic flow device.
▪ Electronic components are sealed & are not in contact with water.
▪ Integrated non-return valve.
▪ Adaptors included for flexible installation.
▪ Simple activation through the S-Connect App.

▪ 1 x Remote Tank Switch with 3m [10ft] Cable
▪ 1 x Non-Return Valve
▪ 2 x Hose Adaptors
▪ 2 x Hose Clamps
▪ 1 x Manual