Solar Pool Pumps

Shifting to LORENTZ solar pool pumps means zero energy costs and a quick return on investment. Our pumps are quiet, efficient and offer longer life expectancy than standard AC motors.

Solar Pool Pumps

Why use a Solar Pool Pump?

Low Maintenance Solar Pool Pump

Low Maintenance

Durable, reliable and last 15 to 20 years.

Zero Energy Cost Solar Pool Pump

Zero Energy Costs

Save on energy bills and heat only when needed.

Environmentally friendly Solar Pool Pump

Environmentally Friendly

Use clean energy to heat your pool.

What is a pool pump?

Think of the pool pump as the heart of your swimming pool’s circulatory system. It takes water from the pool and pushes it to other equipment to be treated, heated and filtered. The water will then return cleaner, healthier and warmer.

Main benefits of solar pump for your pool which includes:

  • Zero energy costs.
  • Low annual operating costs.
  • Environmentally friendly.

How Solar Pool Pumps Work

LORENTZ pool pumps work similarly to regular, grid-powered pool pumps. The primary difference is that solar pool pumps use the power of the sun rather than your household electricity. The pool pump will then circulate and filter the water in your swimming pool.

Why LORENTZ Pool Pumps?

We offer reliable,solar pool pumps to fit a broad range of residential and commercial needs. Here’s 3 reasons why you should choose LORENTZ.


Reliable & Durable

More reliable than traditional grid-connected pool pumps with a quality guarantee.


German engineering

German engineering means high performance, efficient and tough. The smart modular design means minimal maintenance.

Efficient Heating

Efficient heating

Our pools pumps act quickly and work harder with less sunlight, meaning your pool heats up quicker stays warmer for longer

Solar Pool Pumps


LORENTZ PS2 Solar Pool Pumps are high quality products designed for use in residential and commercial swimming pools and spas.

In most pool applications all of the filtration needs can be met directly from solar panels
meaning no electricity costs and significant benefits to the environment.

Lorentz Technology


Speed controllable to match the pool size exactly.


Smart modular design for simple and cost effective servicing and repair.


Fast and simple installation, direct replacement for an existing pool pump.


EC DRIVE DC brushless motors, designed specifically for solar with over 90% efficiency.


High quality non-corrodible materials used throughout.


Solar direct connect with AC connection options.


MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) technology to maximise power use from PV modules.


Inbuilt data logging.

Pool Pump FAQs
When should I run a solar pool pump?
The ideal time to run your pool pump depends on specific factors. Running it at night is recommended when shocking the pool, as chlorine’s effectiveness is maximized without sun’s UV rays. On hot days, running the pump during daylight hours is crucial to prevent algae growth, which thrives on sunlight. This also maintains chlorine levels since sunlight breaks it down. Additionally, whenever pool chemicals are added or balanced, running the pump for 8 hours ensures proper chemical distribution throughout the pool. It’s essential to consider these factors for optimal pool maintenance.
How long should I run my pool pump?

Depending on the State you live in, we recommend running the pool pump from late-morning to late afternoon. With LORENTZ pool pumps you can set this on a timer. Enquire to find out more!

What are some of the benefits of using a solar pool pump?
One of the primary benefits is that you will save money on electricity bills, which can be costly in areas with high rates, especially those with hot climates. Since solar pool pumps don’t use power from the grid, they are less prone to overheating or breaking down.

Also, running your solar pool pump during the daytime will make sure that water circulation stays consistent all throughout the day.

In the overall scheme of things, solar pool pumps and solar products in general will reduce your dependence on electricity. This is not only great for your wallet, but is beneficial to the environment at large.

How often should I clean my solar pool pumps?
We recommend 2 to 4 weeks for basic preventative maintenance. It’s also essential to thoroughly clean your pump once or twice per year, depending on how much debris end up in your swimming pool.
Are solar pool pumps better than traditional grid-connected pumps?
Solar pool pumps will help you minimise energy costs. This means you save money and the environment! They’re typically more reliable because solar pool pumps do not rely on the electric grid.

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