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You Can Now Buy LORENTZ “S” Directly Online from LORENTZ Australia

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At LORENTZ, we are committed to delivering world class, sustainable solar pumping solutions to commercial agriculturalists, hobby farmers and rural property owners across Australia.

We are delighted to announce that you can now purchase our innovative LORENTZ “S” kits online via our official online shop.

This article explains the features and benefits of these products, who and what they are for. We also unveil the benefits of ordering our LORENTZ “S” products online.

What Is LORENTZ “S”?

LORENTZ “S” is our cutting-edge portable, self-install solar water pumping kits. These systems are tailor-made to deliver an eco-friendly and versatile water-pumping solution in a simple and effective way for people at all levels of technical expertise.

Using 1-2 solar panels, our exclusive self-install water pumps harness the sun’s energy to reliably distribute water from its source, like a pond or bore, to the intended destination which could be a water tank, trough or irrigation system.

As our systems primarily depend on energy from the sun, they eradicate the need for conventional power sources (like electricity or fuel), which are otherwise polluting and expensive. This makes LORENTZ “S” systems environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Our systems make excellent solutions if you require water pumping in a remote area. This is because other more conventional energy sources, such as grid electricity are restricted in remote locations.

Who Is LORENTZ “S” Suited To?

LORENTZ “S” is ideal for small-scale station owners, hobby farmers and even for property owners across Australia with more than an acre of land.

They have a number of applications as presented below.

They’re also a perfect match if you lack agricultural experience and require a straightforward, hassle-free water-pumping solution. This is due to the fact that we have ensured every component of our LORENTZ “S” systems is user-friendly and easy to install without the need for a technical professional.

Moreover, because our self-install solar water pump systems are portable and can be configured to meet the demands of varying landscapes, they make suitable options for landowners who own an acre of land or more.

Key Uses of LORENTZ “S” Self-Install Systems

Although LORENTZ “S” self-install systems are compact, they are remarkably efficient and can accommodate a range of uses while maintaining sustainability. Here are some key ways you can use LORENTZ “S” systems:

  • Small-scale irrigation for lawns and crops (such as fruit, vegetables, and plants).

  • Watering livestock (such as cattle, horses or sheep) with drinking water — these systems can accommodate up to 20 cows.

  • Gardening, landscaping, and general land maintenance.

  • Leisure and recreation activities (such as creating a mini outdoor water slide or play park for children).

10 Benefits of Purchasing LORENTZ “S” Online

Shopping online provides unparalleled convenience, saving you the time and effort of shopping at your local suppliers. In addition to the easement of shopping online, there are many other wonderful benefits you can experience by shopping from our official online store. Here are ten reasons why purchasing LORENTZ “S” online is a fantastic option:

1. Direct Delivery to Your Door
By ordering your LORENTZ “S” products directly to your doorstep, the hassle and time of finding a dealer and travelling to them is eliminated, offering the utmost convenience.

2. Secure Transactions
Upon using our online checkout, you can enjoy hassle-free transactions that are safe and secure, ensuring your financial details are protected.

3. 100% Authentic Products
Ordering directly from the LORENTZ website ensures you invest in 100% authentic and high-quality technology.

4. Ability to Secure Available Stock
Shopping online enables you to secure LORENTZ “S” stock instantly, while it’s still available for purchase.

5. Opportunity to Explore Our Entire Range
While stockists may not have all LORENTZ products in store, you can browse our whole range of “S” products via our online store.

6. 2 Year Warranty
We offer a 2-year warranty for any LORENTZ product, however most of our products last for 10 years plus.

7. Access to Product Information
Each product listed on our online store provides all the essential information you need to make an informed purchase, including pricing, product description, key features, and technical data.

8. Saves Time & Effort
Browsing our range of products is a quick and easy alternative to finding a reputable dealer and shopping in-store

9. Easy Comparison
With every LORENTZ “S” product laid out in one place, it’s easier to compare items and choose something that best aligns with your needs.

10. 24/7 Availability
Unlike dealers whose access is limited to standard business opening hours, the LORENTZ online store is open to customers 24/7, ensuring you can shop whenever you please.

Support With Your Purchase

We value our customers and understand the importance of purchasing effective equipment and technology to facilitate your agricultural productivity. If you require support with your LORENTZ “S” purchase, please explore the following suggested avenues:

Sizing Your LORENTZ “S” System

Before you purchase a LORENTZ “S” system, it’s essential to check the size you need. Addressing key measurements, including static lift, pipe length, flow rate, and total dynamic lift (TDL,) will help you identify your needed configurations for your land, farm, or station. You can easily pinpoint your requirements using our exclusive LORENTZ “S” Calculator.