Stamp of approval for Lorentz PS2 solar pumps

Quality and reliability are crucial when it comes to remote livestock watering stations. For these reasons, our Lorentz PS2 solar pump range have been through testing and accreditation with the Clean Energy Council (CEC) of Australia.

The CEC maintains a list of approved modules and inverters that meet rigorous safety standards for use in the design and installation of solar photo voltaic systems. The CEC also track product importers and review customer documentation to ensure that warranty obligations are clearly stated, and that no misleading information is provided.

What does this mean for you?

Basically - peace of mind. The Lorentz PS2 range are the only solar pump in Australia to be accredited. This means for stand-alone inverters, the equipment has shown sufficient evidence that it meets the International Standard IEC62109, Parts 1 & 2 which assesses the “Safety of power converters for use in photo voltaic power systems”. 

Evidence of compliance, in the form of Certificates of Suitability have been examined and verified by the CEC.

Only products from the approved lists are entitled to small-scale technology certificates (STCs), which means Lorentz PS2 customers receive a rebate which can equate to up to 15% of the cost of a system*

Up to 15% rebate available for customers*

What process have our Lorentz PS2 pumps been through?

  1. Lorentz test to the required Australian and/or IEC Standards by a suitably accredited testing laboratory.

  2. Lorentz PS2 is independently certified by a JAS-ANZ accredited certification agency, or state electrical safety regulator.

  3. Lorentz register with the Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council (ERAC) as the “Responsible Supplier” and obtains an ERAC Supplier Number.

The CEC’s comprehensive accreditation process gives customers confidence in the safety, performance and reliability of their solar pumping system.

*Subject to installation and sign off by an accredited installer













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