Solar Pumps for Drinking Water

If you are interested in a solar pump to provide drinking water to livestock or your community, please enquire and one of our experts will be in touch.

Drinking Water – Livestock

Lorentz pumps are installed across and Australia and New Zealand to provide drinking water to livestock.

Case Study

One LORENTZ dealer partner in Shepperton installed a PS2-1800 C-SJ8-7 Lorentz submersible pump system with 4x 275 watt solar panels to provide drinking water to livestock (mainly sheep).

After installation, the property owner commented on the system – “it’s unreal and does way more than expected” and was very happy to move away from his previous diesel pump system which was high in both maintenance required and cost.

The PS2 system with LORENTZ helical rotor pumps and ECDRIVE motor allows water to be pumped from a wiude range of depths with very little power. Solar water pumps have become the standard replacement for windmills in cattle ranches across the world.


Why use Solar for Watering Livestock?

  • Zero energy costs.
  • Remote monitoring.
  • Low maintenance.
Livestock Drinking Water

Drinking Water – Communities

Providing drinking water for people is less common in Australia and New Zealand, however very relevant to parts of the Pacific Islands and the rest of the world where PS2 is used to deliver water to communities via a water storage unit such as a steel water tank.

Submersible pumping system PS2-200 HR-04

Drinking water for communities and off grid houses

Pump System: PS2-200 HR-04
Total Dynamic Head (TDH): 35 m
Flow Rate: 7 m3/day
Solar Generator: 520 Wp
Location – Bethel, Vanuatu

SmartTap Water Dispenser

LORENTZ smartTAP is an off-grid water dispensing and management system which enables revenue collection, water entitlement and sustainable water provision.

LORENTZ smartTAP combines hardware, software and predefined business models to allow for water infrastructure to be delivered in an economically sustainable way. Users of the system access water from a tap using a tag. The tag is precharged with water credits at a local shop or directly with the connected optional GSM modem. The revenue collection function allows the system to be maintained, any investments to be returned and for the system to be expanded to more users.

For more information, click on the links below:

Lorentz smarttap

The Complete System

smartTAP System Sketch
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