ReAqua LiPo Battery System

A ReAqua LiPo Battery System can help increase your water supply with a simple addition to your new or pre-existing Lorentz solar pumping system.

LiPo Battery System Benefits

  1. Low yielding bores can be utilised by extending operating hours
  2. Constant pressure is more stable than ever with a constant power supply from the battery system
  3. Battery systems are to extend or “shift” runtime of a solar pump system
  4. Lorentz PS2 controllers are battery ready (in nominal voltages)
  5. Allows longer pumping time to help reduce friction loss in pipelines while still meeting demand


Selected LiPo Battery Technology 

  1. Lower total life cost - no service required for lifetime
  2. Up to 5 times the life of competing technologies
  3. Shorter charge times
  4. Lower shipping costs due to reduction Weight (up to 80%), and Footprint / Volume (up to 65%)
  5. LiPo technology is being used in home solar systems and electric vehicles


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