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In 2016 several of our dealers expressed the need for a higher flow, high head helical rotor pump. After taking this feedback on board, we responded by approaching the head engineers at Lorentz requesting if and how we could develop a pump unit to suit the specifications required.

The head of research and development in Germany replied promptly advising us that they had already developed a pump in their oil pumping range which had flows up to 5.7m3 per hour and heads up to 120 meters.

They advised that by making some changes, they could provide us with a solution to suit the water sector and meet the requirements of the request from the Australian market. Within a short timeframe they were able to fly some demonstration and testing units over from the factory for us to trial in the field. The testing and trial work that took place confirmed the scope and capability of what the pump could do and also highlighted the demand within the industry for a pump of this capability to replace inefficient diesel line shaft, long-haul pumps and piston pumps. 

This resulted in the launch of the Lorentz PS2-4000 HRE-32 Helical Rotor Pump, based on the request and feedback from the Australian market.

The PS2-4000 HRE32 pump comes into its own when faced with long pipe runs. The functionality of the Lorentz controllers when installed with a pressure sensor, allows the system to be turned into a constant pressure system which in long pipe runs, takes the risk away from over pressurising the pipe line and allowing the maximum amount of water to be delivered with piece of mind that the pipe pressure is within its specifications. With its digital and analogue input capabilities, the PS2-4000 HRE-32 also has the ability to automatically start and stop pumping according to system pressure, water levels and built-in timers, thus minimising monitoring requirements, manual labour input and water wastage. 

On top of this, being a helical rotor pump, it can run at low speeds during inclement weather, low light morning and evening conditions, and still deliver water at heads well over 100 meters. 


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