Lorentz Compass Pump Design Tool

Compass ensures your system is customised for your local conditions and operational needs.

Lorentz Solar pumps are backed by state-of-the-art technology meaning whatever your solar pumping needs, we can design a solar pumping solution to suit your specific requirements. 

The Lorentz Compass program is a dedicated solar pumping system design tool, which allows our dealers to enter the exact parameters of your system to find the right solution for every application. 

When designing and sizing with Compass, criteria such as:

  • Static Head
  • Pipe friction losses
  • Geographical location (for correct orientation and tilt angle of solar array).
  • Water Temperature
  • Dirt & Panel losses
  • Solar Panel temperature coefficients 
  • Historical climatic data such as solar irritation, ambient temperature and rainfall, based on over 20+ years of data collected by NASA Langley Research Centre are all taken into account.

Compass contains a suite of fully customisable simulation parameters allowing our dealers to replicate system performance to maximise efficiency and output.


Compass allows our dealers to produce average daily and hourly output charts to give you a precise understanding of the system’s performance and capability.


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