How does a solar pump work?

Solar pumps are an efficient way to irrigate your crops and provide accessible stock water, even in areas without access to electricity. The most environmentally friendly pump on the market, they are ideal for any agricultural operation, large or small.


But how do they actually work? We’ve broken it down for you.

A solar pump is generally comprised of three parts: the solar panels, the controller and switches, and the pump.

The solar panels are essentially the powerhouse. Mounted to a post or frame, they generate that clean, renewable and cost free energy needed to bring the pump to life.

This energy travels to the control unit. The control unit makes sure the machine runs smoothly; keeping the voltage consistent, it directs power to the pump’s motor. It has automated switches which signal whether or not water is needed, and turns the pump on and off accordingly.

The pump is either submerged in or set up by a body of water, be it a bore, dam or river. It feeds water into attached pipes which deposit it into a storage tank.

So, what is the benefit of a solar pump?

Solar pumps are extremely reliable, requiring little maintenance. They’re ideal in remote or off-grid areas, as they are a completely self-sufficient system, generating and operating off their own power source.

They are particularly useful to farmers, especially those with creeks or dams on their properties. Supporting healthier water systems, they prevent contamination and slow down erosion of banks.

It also means that they can provide water to livestock from multiple locations.

Why Lorentz Australia?

The Lorentz range is designed with the farmer’s needs in mind, manufactured to support agricultural operations.

Lorentz systems protect against dry-running, over-voltage, overheating and over-pressurising, but most importantly, they reliably deliver water!

Lorentz solar pumping systems have the capability to be run either purely on solar, or with a combination of solar, generator and battery power to extend the hours of operation of the pump.

ReAqua can size and provide tailored battery solutions based on your pumping requirements to help you get the most out of the solar day.

Depending on the requirements of the pumping system, the Lorentz range has you covered with a large collection of pumps and power options.

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