Craig Schulz from the Riverina region, NSW


What happens when the maintenance of your windmill is proving to be too demanding?

That’s what livestock farmer Craig Schulz was experiencing a few years back, who decided it was time to consider alternate pumping solutions.

Located between Culcairn and Holbrook in the south-east Riverina region of New South Wales, Craig manages a 2000-hectare livestock property where he runs 2000 ewes and 650 breeding cows.

“The windmill wasn’t delivering enough water to the animals, so I needed to look at a different solution to keep their water up,” reflects Craig.

He got in touch with David Howard Plumbing in 2019, his local dealer for Lorentz Australia, and at first he was sceptical on what a Lorentz pump could really do.

“But then I did my homework – I researched the different pumps and came to the conclusion that Lorentz Australia was the best choice.

“The confidence that David Howard Plumbing had in the Lorentz pumps is what made me truly confident in purchasing one.”



The team at David Howard Plumbing installed a system comprising of a PS2-4000 C-SJ5-25 with 9x270w solar panels. The pump is servicing 1000 hectares out of the 2000-hectare property.

The PS2 is the latest generation of high efficiency solar water pumping systems from Lorentz. Designed to reduce operational costs, improve water security and achieve greater sustainability, this pump is suited to all small to medium sized applications.

Specifically, the PS2-4000 is a large diesel pump replacement with high head capability, allowing for a typically daily flow of 40,000 to 75,000 litres.

By taking the plunge to switch his system from windmill to solar pumping, it’s allowed Craig to pump close to 30m3 per day in the summer at 80m head – with scope to add more panels if more water was required.


After having this system installed and operating for over two years now, Craig says he’s extremely happy and can’t believe how much water it pumps.

“It’s incredible how it keeps the 12 troughs serviced and full at all times, as well as an entire dam,” he says.

“Thanks to the ‘set and forget’ system, it’s generated valuable extra free time – I should have done this 10 years ago!

“I have no hesitation recommending Lorentz Australia and David Howard Plumbing to anyone planning to upgrade their water infrastructure system.”

Do you manage a livestock enterprise like Craig? A Lorentz Australia solar pumping solution could be just what you’re looking for. Contact us today for a free quote.

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