PSK2 Solar Pumps

PSK2 Solar Pumps

Hybrid Solar System

The complete solar water pumping solution with SmartSolution Hybrid Power support

PSk2 is an integrated solar water pumping system for larger applications. 

PSk2 can operate exclusively on solar power or with our new SmartSolution. PSk2 SmartSolution provides a true hybrid pumping system which automatically can blend grid power and generator power with the core solar power supply.

As solar power is not consistent through the day then PSk2 constantly changes the pump parameters to optimize the amount of water available.

Being designed as an off-grid solar water pumping system, PSk2 has all of the inputs and outputs needed in an integrated self-managing system.

Where water demands cannot be met by solar power alone the hybrid PSk2 SmartSolution seamlessly blends in external power sources on demand.

Designed for Solar Water Pumping

PSk2 is designed to be a complete solar water pumping system comprising of a specialized pump controller and carefully matched pumps. PSk2 has eight sensor inputs that allow analogue and digital sensors to be connected. This combination of sensors with the powerful inbuilt software applications allows for full pump control and water specific applications.

The system also has an inbuilt Sun Sensor which measures the available irradiation and then makes decisions of what to do based on the available power. The Sun Sensor also avoids unnecessary stop start cycles which increase pump wear.

PSk2 is a complete solution “out of the box” without the need for building additional switching cabinets or PLC units.


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Smart water control

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