Dale Newman from Ryeford, QLD


Dale Newman manages a mixed beef and cropping operation in the Toowoomba region of Ryeford, Queensland. He grows a combination of Lucerne and Rhodes grass.

Currently the farm covers 200 acres and is split evenly for cropping and grazing.

Back in 2018, when Dale was still irrigating the Lucerne using grid power, his provider stopped delivering a cheaper night-time tariff. This led Dale to start looking at other options.

Dale works for a local windmill and bore repair business, Queensland Windmill & Solar, which is a Lorentz-accredited service partner and dealer. Having sold, installed and maintained numerous Lorentz solar pumps over the years, he looked to the brand as his own solution.

“When the tariff got scrapped, a solar power option instantly became more cost-effective,” Dale reflects.



An effective solar water pumping system is made up of more than one component. When choosing a Lorentz system, customers gain access to an integrated solution design specifically for solar water pumping from a company with absolute focus on this technology.

Dale installed the Lorentz PS2-4000, which pumps 6000 gallons per hour from a billabong to a 4-acre paddock of Rhodes Grass and Lucerne using 15x 3-inch hand-shift irrigation pipes.

Lorentz PS2 software applications can include control on pressure or flow, liquid level monitoring, system timers and speed control.

Dale has set his system up to operate on a built-in Lorentz programmable timer which runs from 8am until midday, every day when needed.

Each afternoon he repositions the irrigation line to obtain even coverage of the 4 acres that is under irrigation.



Having installed the pump in 2018, Dale was able to get ahead of the widespread drought in 2019.

It’s no secret de-stocking has proved a huge problem for producers across the country over recent years. Lorentz Australia is dedicated to helping these pastoralists decrease (and ideally eliminate) the rate in which they need to de-stock when this scale of drought occurs again.

“That year we only received 4 inches of rain; our annual average is 28 inches,” he reflects.

“Having a small irrigation block meant we didn’t have to completely de-stock and were able to keep our bull and some select heifers.”

What is Dale’s experience working with the Lorentz Australia team as both a dealer and a customer?

“I was very impressed with their product knowledge, and the highly professional way options were presented to me. Supply and delivery were a breeze” he says.

Are you located in a region that is frequently vulnerable to drought?

Lorentz Australia is here to help producers and growers like you combat the effects that drought has on properties – get in touch with us today to discuss your solar water pumping needs.



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